Your Pets May See Something You Can’t

Have you ever noticed any of your pets acting strange? Does your dog growl for no reason or does your cat appear to stare at something when there is nothing there? Could this be a sign that our pets are able to see ghosts, spirits or other paranormal entities? There are many different theories on this topic. Some say with an animal’s heightened senses, of course they can see paranormal entities. While others simply say there is no way our pets can see ghosts. 

Personally, I have seen both of our pets do strange things and there is no explanation as to why. One instance was after I came home from an investigation. Our cat sat on the dining room table, which is near our front door and stared at it. As far as I could see, there was nothing there. This was unusual for her, as she mostly spends her time hiding under a bed or resting on the arm of our couch. She rarely goes near the front door. I went to bed and in the morning she was acting her normal self again. 

So, did something follow me home and she was standing guard, not allowing it to fully enter? Or was this just her being a cat? I have no idea, but it’s possible.

There are several different signs you can look for that might give you reason to believe your pets are seeing something you are not. Here are just a few of the most common signs to look for: 

  • Pet stares off into what appears to be empty space
  • Pet starts growling, hissing, whining or barking for no reason
  • Pet quivers or becomes suddenly scared of something
  • Pet starts showing anxious behavior
  • Pet becomes afraid to go into certain rooms of the home

I get asked all the time about how someone can determine if there is something paranormal in their home and how their pet can alert them of it? Basically, animals’ senses are more heightened than a human’s. They can see & hear things we can’t. Some animals can also pick up on energy too. Dogs are great at seeing quick bursts of movement. What we think is nothing out of the corner of our eye, dogs and cats can pick up on it and follow the movement. Leading them to something paranormal. 

If your pet is seeing something, it might be a previous pet that lived in the home. If your living pet shared the home with the pet they are seeing, it might bring comfort. On the other hand, if it is an unfamiliar pet, your pet might react in a manner to protect the home. If you do see your dog or cat acting different for no visible reason, do not yell or discipline them. Talk calmly with them and help your pet calm down. There might be a paranormal reason why they are acting differently. 

So, can dogs and cats see spirits? As I mentioned, there is no definitive answer. Just like the paranormal field itself, there are lots of theories about this. However, it cannot be completely proven or disproved by science. Some believe that because dogs have super senses, they can pick up on the paranormal. Many others say no, they might be picking up on something outside of the home that is naturally occurring. 

If you feel your pets are reacting to something paranormal, contact a local paranormal team for help. Discuss your concerns and see if they can come out, do an investigation, and see if your pet is reacting to something paranormal. 

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