Signs Your Home May Be Haunted

I am often asked: “What are some signs I can look for to help determine if my home is haunted?” Well, to be honest, there is not one answer that could answer the question. There are many factors which may confirm a home is haunted, however, some of those factors could also be the reason the home is not haunted. In order to be sure the home is haunted you must first look for natural causes for the activity being experienced. Then, once all natural occurrences have been explained for, the following activity might be a sign of paranormal activity in your home. 

Unexplained Noises & Smells

If you are starting to pick up on new, unexplained sounds and smells, your home might be haunted. However, before jumping to that conclusion, search the home and area for natural causes. Are the sounds coming from the home settling or from outside? Is what you are smelling something new you brought into the home, from outside or maybe even from the plumbing? Once all explainable options are looked into and the sounds and/or smells have not been resolved, then it is possible, the home might be haunted. 

Objects Move Around

If you have inanimate objects that suddenly start moving around on their own, your house may be haunted. However, it is often difficult to determine if something moved on its own because sometimes it is forgotten where something was put or someone else in the home might have moved the object. The best way to determine if an object is moving on its own is to see it with your own eyes. Or, if you suspect an object is moving around on its own, set up a camera on it to see if you can capture the activity. 

Animal Behavior

If your pets suddenly start acting differently, they could be picking up on something paranormal. Monitor your pet’s actions for a few days and determine if they are acting differently than normal and try to first find a natural cause for their new behavior. For example, dogs and cats can pick up on noises within the walls, which is a common place for rats and mice to hide. They could be picking up on that. If your animals are acting strange and there is nothing to explain it, it could be paranormal. Read my post “When it comes to the paranormal, pay close attention to your pets” for more details about how pets can pick up on activity we cannot. 

Extreme and Unexplained Temperature Changes

If you are experiencing extreme and unexplained temperature changes in the form of hot or cold spots, you might have paranormal activity. However, many times this can be naturally explained. Check the home for drafts and issues with the HVAC system before blaming your home being cold on the presence of spirits. 

Sensation of Being Watched

Those who have a constant feeling of being watched, generally end up having a ghost or spirit lingering in their home. If you are constantly feeling like someone is watching you and there is no one there, it might be time to have someone come out and investigate your home. A paranormal group will come in, conduct an investigation and help determine if your feeling of being watched has an explanation or if it is paranormal. 

Sensation of Being Touched

If you are constantly feeling like someone is touching you or you have been physically assaulted by an unseen force, your home may be haunted. It could be the spirit is just trying to communicate with you, but it could also mean there is something more malevolent in your home. If you are being touched, pushed, etc. by a spirit, get help from a paranormal group. They will help determine what is happening and help you come up with a solution. 

See Apparitions

Seeing an actual apparition in your home is a good sign it might be haunted. If this is happening, start a journal to document when and where in your home you are seeing the apparition. This will help track the spirit’s activity and may help determine if it is an intelligent haunting or a residual haunting. 

Hear Voices

Continually hearing voices when no one else is home is another sign a home may be haunted. Check to make sure no one is standing close to your home making it possible to hear their conversation and that all televisions and radios have been turned off. Hearing voices can either be a residual haunt or an intelligent haunt. Seek help to determine which one it is and how to handle the activity. 

For more help on determining if a home is haunted, check out my post “Reasons Why Your Home is Not Haunted.” COMING SOON!

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