Tips for Taking a Ghost Tour

One of the most exciting things when visiting a new location known for paranormal activity is taking a guided ghost tour. Almost every town with paranormal activity or even historically spooky stories offers a guided ghost tour. Candlelight provides many of these tours at night and includes a walking tour of the town’s most haunted locations.

Train car from Area 51 is on display at McCaw School of Mines in Henderson, Nevada.

Tour guides sometimes dress up in period attire and tell stories about these paranormal occurrences from generation to generation. Because of these historical stories, guided ghost tours are one of the best ways to locate paranormal hot spots. Then the next day, head to those hot spots and investigate your own.

If you plan to take your first or your 100th guided ghost tour, it is always important to remember your manners and be aware of those around you. Here is a list of tips to help you enjoy your next ghost tour better.

What to wear? Wear comfortable clothing. Keep in mind the weather for the area you are visiting and dress accordingly; however, you do not want to wear bulky clothing or clothing that can restrict your movement. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking; wear comfortable athletic shoes. 

What to bring? Bring a notebook for taking notes about the stories and locations you visit. Do not forget to bring a camera to capture pictures of the sites and possibly an image of a paranormal entity. If desired, get a digital voice recorder and have it on throughout the tour. I do this for a few reasons. First, you can listen back and review things you might have forgotten from the time, and two, to capture paranormal evidence. A video camera is another excellent item on the ghost tour. 

What to expect? During the tour, you can expect to walk a lot at night. So be aware of your surroundings and do not wander off from the tour. Also, be prepared to hear some potentially gruesome stories. Though the stories can get gruesome, many tour guides know how to add light and have fun with the crowd. It is also a good idea to check out the itinerary before leaving for the tour so you can research the areas before seeing them.

How to find a tour? Many haunted cities have ghost tours listed on the city website. You can also do an Internet search for “X-city Ghost Tours.” Another great place to find ghost tours in an area is to check out the local travel commission or chamber of commerce.

Other tips: Do not smoke, speak loudly and respect others on tour with you. Others may be trying to capture some paranormal evidence of their own, and your loud noises or smoke can sometimes create false positives in photos and audio recordings.

Final tip: Have fun and enjoy the tour!

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