How to Make a Witch’s Broom – aka a Besom

Witches’ brooms, also called Besoms, have a long history in magick. Aside from flying, witches’ brooms are used to signify purification and used to sweep away dirt and negative energies. To cleanse a home of negative energy, start with your broom at the back door, cleaning each room counterclockwise and ending at the back door.Continue reading “How to Make a Witch’s Broom – aka a Besom”

Haunted Hoover Dam: Satan, Demons, and Ghosts…Oh My!

There are many rumors, urban legends, and conspiracies surrounding the construction of the Hoover Dam. Some are classic stories from the community, while others are a bit darker. Some of the stories surrounding the construction of the dam involve the paranormal. Stories about ghosts, spirits, demons and Satan have been shared. Are these stories true?Continue reading “Haunted Hoover Dam: Satan, Demons, and Ghosts…Oh My!”

Paranormal Investigating on a Budget

Once you go on your first paranormal investigation, you may be hooked. However, it is a hobby that can be pretty expensive. Everything from buying equipment to paying for travel expenses can add up very quickly. Those just starting in this field may find the costs overwhelming, and many give up because they feel theyContinue reading “Paranormal Investigating on a Budget”

15 Out-of-the-Box Questions to Ask During an EVP Session

Spirits are just like us. For example, when they don’t want to talk, they don’t. Because ghosts do not communicate on-demand, when you go into a location, and you do not get any EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), it does not mean there are no ghosts there. Instead, it may mean they weren’t in the moodContinue reading “15 Out-of-the-Box Questions to Ask During an EVP Session”

Tips for Taking a Ghost Tour

One of the most exciting things when visiting a new location known for paranormal activity is taking a guided ghost tour. Almost every town with paranormal activity or even historically spooky stories offers a guided ghost tour. Candlelight provides many of these tours at night and includes a walking tour of the town’s most hauntedContinue reading “Tips for Taking a Ghost Tour”

What It Means to Be an Empath

For years, I could not figure out why I felt so uncomfortable when going out and being in large crowds. For the longest time, I was told I just had social anxiety. But it turns out I didn’t. When looking over everything – how I feel, how sensitive I am, how I can pick upContinue reading “What It Means to Be an Empath”

It is Not Always a Ghost: Reasons Why Your Home is Not Haunted

Commonly, strange activity in a home is often mistaken for paranormal activity. Contrary to popular belief and what the television shows present, paranormal activity is rare. Claims of paranormal activity are repeatedly debunked. I have seen all kinds of paranormal activity over the years and have discovered natural causes for most. Orbs It is incredibleContinue reading “It is Not Always a Ghost: Reasons Why Your Home is Not Haunted”

Signs Your Home May Be Haunted

I am often asked: “What are some signs I can look for to help determine if my home is haunted?” Well, to be honest, there is not one answer that could answer the question. There are many factors which may confirm a home is haunted, however, some of those factors could also be the reasonContinue reading “Signs Your Home May Be Haunted”

Your Pets May See Something You Can’t

Have you ever noticed any of your pets acting strange? Does your dog growl for no reason or does your cat appear to stare at something when there is nothing there? Could this be a sign that our pets are able to see ghosts, spirits or other paranormal entities? There are many different theories onContinue reading “Your Pets May See Something You Can’t”

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