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Exploring the Paranormal Blog

Five Holiday Stovetop Fragrance Simmer Recipes

I love this time of year. The herbs associated with the holidays are so rejuvenating and refreshing to smell, which is why every year, I pull out my herbal recipe book and create various stovetop simmers. I use these mixtures to make my home smell welcoming for guests and to create some fun, unique, andContinue reading “Five Holiday Stovetop Fragrance Simmer Recipes”


The Scientific Method and Paranormal Research

Generations of paranormal investigators have been conducting scientific experiments to get one of the most asked questions in life answered: “Is there life after death?” Through the years, investigating methods have evolved as new investigative equipment gets invented and investigators start thinking outside the box. As a result, new ways of thinking have affected whatContinue reading “The Scientific Method and Paranormal Research”

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Paranormal Investigation Tips for Beginners

So you want to become a paranormal investigator. Starting as a paranormal investigator is an exciting decision, and you will have a fantastic time on all your future adventures. When I started, I was constantly asking questions. Because I was not afraid to ask questions, I quickly learned and became the best paranormal investigator IContinue reading “Paranormal Investigation Tips for Beginners”

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