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Exploration Paranormal is a family of paranormal investigators and researchers dedicated to helping find answers. We not only work closely together, but we also partner with local teams to help clients with paranormal activity and conduct investigations in order to advance the field of paranormal research.

Heather Leigh Carroll-Landon, PhD

Founder, Director

Heather Leigh started her journey in the paranormal field as a teenager after multiple interactions with her grandfather who passed away many years prior. Throughout the years following, she has researched and traveled to locations in order to learn more about the history and paranormal claims. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, specializing in Paranormal Science from IMHS. She is a Certified Paranormal Investigator (CPI) and Certified EVP Technician (CET). Her goal is to help others take a more scientific approach to paranormal investigations and research.

Heather Leigh’s Favorite Haunted Location: Gettysburg Battlefield

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Josh Landon

Co-Founder, Assistant Director

Josh stumbled into the world of paranormal after meeting his wife, Heather Leigh, who has been involved with paranormal research most of her life. He is a good balance for her as he takes his time determining if something is paranormal in nature and keeps her grounded by helping her behind the scenes.

Josh’s Favorite Haunted Location: Old Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario.

Aidan Carroll-Landon

Co-Founder, Team Lead

Aidan grew up listening to his mom share her paranormal experiences and theories. Shortly after he turned 15 he started helping her do some research, come up with theories and experiments, and helps her at events.

Aidan’s Favorite Haunted Location: As of now, he claims he does not have one.

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